5 Laws Foreign Countries Got Right (That We Need In America)

As a Cracked writer and typically despicable human, I am not especially keen on laws, specifically ones that prohibit me from doing that thing from last night that I particularly assured would not damage anybody, officer. No, not even that goat. The paint will clean off, I’m quite sure.

That’s not to state there are no exceptions. I’ve constantly felt that there are plenty of laws that the excellent ol’ United States of A presently does not have however definitely must. Here’s why:


Mandatory Paid Vacation

I am by no implies an abundant guy. My own would be an anthill in a huge sinkhole if individual wealth was determined in mountains. I take getaways abroad 2 times a year, and periodically discover time to unwind with little to no regard for adult duties like trousers or due dates. This is not since of my debilitating routine of robbing a minimum of 2 banks every 12 months (or, uh, a minimum of not simply since of that). It’s since my supervillain burrow lies in Europe, and in my nation, my primary company is needed to supply me with a cool 30 days of paid getaway time annually. (Also, it’s Europe— you cannot spit without striking another nation here, so it’s not like the journeys abroad are a Herculean financial job.)

This is a high-end that you might or might not share, depending upon how cool your office is. America is notoriously not too into the entire “obligatory paid holiday time” thing, so it’s totally approximately your company whether they wish to supply you with some. Most likely, they’ll begin snort-laughing and showering you with rancid mayo as quickly as you raise the topic throughout your staff member orientation.

Why America Needs This:

Pick actually any year from the United States’ modern-day history and check out some news from the period. Simply … any year. Now, ask yourself: Is this not a nation that would gain from a couple of weeks of yearly chillin’? Even your news media might actually utilize the break. For the couple of marvelous summer season weeks when the entire nation remains in off mode, we mainly get calm, calming news about badgers and shit unless something especially pushing takes place.


Oh, and there’s likewise the reality that the United States is presently the only sophisticated nation that does not need companies to offer employees with paid trip time. You understand that old stereotype of Japanese salarymen working themselves to death? Nowadays, that’s the American labor force.

Every when in a while, some political leader does point at the circumstance, however Washington has actually been so strongly indifferent in offering Americans with paid downtime that you ‘d nearly believe that they were working for the business rather of the little man. Most just recently, some man from Vermont called Bernard Sanders pressed a costs that would have ensured a minimum of 10 paid holiday days to all qualified staff members, however it passed away a pauper’s death in Congress previously this year. Since 2017 politics have actually been a dumpster fire, (You most likely missed it. You were most likely too hectic working to hear about it.)


Fines That Are Relative To Income

In 2015, the cops captured a Finnish man called Reima Kuisla going 65 miles per hour in a 50 zone . They fined him, since that’s their task. That’s not news. This is, though: The fine was the equivalent of $60,500 in unclean European cash.

It’s appealing to believe that this was simply a specific “Fuck Reima Kuisla, amirite?” job. Man had actually most likely screwed the regional cops commissioner’s other half or something. This is quite much par for the course for Finland. In 2000, NHL legend Teemu Selanne was slapped with a $39,000 fine. In 2002, Nokia bigwig Anssi Vanjoki was dealt with to a kingly $ 103,600 speeding ticket for going 45 in a 30 zone.

Those figures aren’t as approximate as they might appear. If you go speeding in Finland (or the majority of Scandinavia), possibilities are you will not need to offer your whole prolonged household’s kidneys on the black market to cover the ticket. They identify their fines based upon the culprit’s earnings and the severity of the offense. They initially inspect your wealth and earnings to identify exactly what your “investing cash” is for a day, divide that figure in half, and struck a multiplier of as much as 120 days, depending upon how severely you’ve messed up (oh yeah, this day great system uses to many other violations, not simply speeding). Oh, and there is no ceiling to the fines, so if Bill Gates chooses to experiment with his new MICROSOFT ZOOMER or whatever on a Finnish highway, they ‘d most likely need to scotch tape numerous tickets together so they can fit all the nos. If a bad out of work individual is captured for the exact same violation, their fine is going to be a substantial offer smaller sized … however still injured precisely as much, due to the fact that it’s the precise very same portion of their earnings as the abundant people. That’s the point of the system: Full equality, whether you’re bad or abundant.

Why America Needs This:

Know those affluenza-inflicted abundant kid dipshits who deal with the world as their individual joyride and care little about whatever that does not have their Instagram username inscribed on it? Would not it be fucking sweet if whenever they pulled a misdemeanour, you might slap them with a fine so substantial that they (or rather, their moms and dads) would actually feel it?

I understand, I understand. There would be legal representatives, and years of court, and a lots more various shenanigans that the super-rich can pull to obtain rid of a basic fine. There constantly are. Hey, while we’re at it, why do not we go all out? Broaden the idea a bit and consist of business. While it’s not unidentified for corporations to screw up so royally that they get fines that enter into the billions, fines from smaller sized yet still considerable things like big pipeline leakages have the tendency to remain in the five-to-six-figure ballpark, which is basically absolutely nothing for a big adequate business. Integrate the Finnish day great system to these business misdemeanours, and you can wager your finest Sunday butt that the risk of unexpectedly much heftier fines would at the extremely least inexplicably kick up most business’ security requirements a notch.


Bolivia’s “Law Of Mother Earth”

If our world chose to take a page from Ego the Living Planet’s playbook and manifest as a man-like animal, its Kurt Russell would most likely be a Bolivian political leader. A minimum of, that’s the only description I can discover for Bolivia’s Law 071, aka “ Law of the Rights of Mother Earth .” It’s a strange take on ecological law that directly specifies the Earth as a legal animal with remarkably distinct rights. Yeah, essentially a Human Rights Declaration for the 3rd rock from the Sun.

Oh god, exactly what if she chooses to take legal action against?

The law is greatly affected by the native Andean spiritual worldview, which positions the environment and the Earth divine being referred to as Pachamama at the center of all life. It deals with Mother Nature as a living entity, and consists of establishing a different “Office of Mother Earth” to govern it. Oh, and it likewise basically deals with individuals as bugs to Mother Nature. Which sounds severe, however have you looked outside just recently? You get it.

The text thoroughly avoids straight-out calling us Earth-infesting vermin, however the world’s rights (” right to tidy water,” “ideal to pollution-free living”, and so on) are straight-out specified to be more crucial than individuals’s, and the individual who discovers themselves at chances with the law’s meaning of stated rights remains in no unpredictable terms mentioned to be shit out of luck. The law deals people a huge set of restrictions, varying from needs for green energy to acknowledging nature’s right “to not be impacted by mega-infrastructure and advancement jobs that impact the balance of environments and the regional occupant neighborhoods”. To puts it simply, fuck your highways and fuck your cities. A 3rd Chipotle on the exact same block is unneeded.

To be reasonable, Bolivia’s most likely pulling a “we’re too old for this shit” exasperation maneuver here. The nation’s president, Evo Morales, has actually been notoriously important of its resources getting ransacked by global business, which is most likely a reasonable argument, because today the electrical vehicle market is hungrily considering the nation’s very delicate salt flats for lithium. Possibly that’s why the initial 2012 legislation was so hardcore that it handled to flip out the nation’s farmers thanks to its rigorous policies of GMO items and farmland growth. They’ve given that carried out a longer, greatly revised costs to accompany the Mother Nature Law. That a person’s difficult as shit to discover details about, however considering that the nation is to my understanding yet to implode into a nature-worshiping across the country cult, I’m thinking they handle.

Why America Needs This:

Ha, no. This would never ever fly in America. Roadways and substantial structures are required, even if they in some cases need to go through nature (which they constantly do, in the exact same method that food is natural). The core point of the law– acknowledging Earth as a legal entity with specific rights– may be worth carrying out. It would come in handy in combating bullshit service practices like aggressive fracking, and would counter-balance the anti-environmental mindsets of numerous political leaders in previous and present administrations. “Oh, you do not believe Mother Nature has a right to live without you actively punching holes in her? In fact, it does not matter exactly what you believe, since it fucking states so here.

That the entire thing sounds odd as hell would not matter, either. It would really be an advantage. There are lots of precedents to presume that the majority of Congress is basically working on outright rejection of clinical truths. A law that sets up Mother Earth as a living entity would offer the climate-change-denying, anti-environmental old guard a taste of their own medication: Politicians who do think in ecological concerns might now utilize the old guard’s own well-worn arguments about what not, self-defense, and abortion, since Mother Earth is now a legal entity that has the right to live and secure itself. If a tree falls on and ruins a political leader’s Benz, well, you should not have actually been acting so suspicious, brother.


Laws That Restrict Advertising To Children

Sometime earlier, the United Kingdom had a look at its merchants’ significantly heavy-handed efforts to market their items to kids and chose that the nation might do without that specific brand name of horseshit. Parliament passed a law to secure them. This remained in 1874, by the method– a time when they had actually hardly handled to diminish down kid labor from “5 a.m. to 9 p.m. without any lunch break” to “If you lose a limb, you might take lunch early.” Today, marketing to kids stays limited in the nation, and it’s flat-out prohibited to interest a kid’s perceptiveness and mental systems to offer an adult item. It’s not simply a “Stop Using Charlie the Friendly Talking Cigarette to pitch your cancer sticks to six-year-olds” thing, either– it likewise uses to utilizing those subtle mental pull-strings online marketers so enjoy.

Other nations have actually likewise presented variations on the style . Places like Denmark and Belgium limit marketing to kids, while Sweden, Norway, and parts of Canada have actually made marketing to kids under 12 prohibited. The EU has the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (aka the least badass thing to ever bear the acronym “ACT”), which sets out numerous guideline re: marketing to minors.

Meanwhile, the United States is gladly resting on its thumb and spinning. A typical American kid enjoys 16,000 advertisements every year on TELEVISION alone, and apart from a couple of par-for-the-course legal limitations about the products that can be transmitted to kids, there are no guidelines. The ad market is complimentary to self-regulate. Attempt the brand-new Pizza Mountain Double Quarter-Pounder from McDonald’s, kids. It features a toy based upon the hit movie Justice League 2, and an apple piece for health shit.

Why America Needs This:

What, apart from “Holy shit, the market can self-regulate promoting to kids?” Attempt youth weight problems , which has actually practically tripled in the United States considering that 1980. Sure, there are lots of contributing elements for this (hardship, for one), however, well … I’m going to go out on a limb and state that these are not really assisting:

Targeting kids in marketing is not just fertile soil to develop tastes that’ll last a life time, however it’s likewise successful as hell . Quoth Mark Blades, a senior speaker at the University of Sheffield: “In the United States, kids invest $30 billion every year and straight affect an extra $250 billion in household costs. Marketers go for kids due to the fact that they wish to develop tastes and choices that will last a life time.” Those figures are from 2010, so you can offer or take a couple of billions, however exactly what he’s generally stating is: “If you get kids to purchase the Baja-Blast-Infused Doritos Locos Spicy Five Layer Burrito from Taco Bell, they will continue to purchase that up until they pass away of a cardiovascular disease at 12.”


Objectively The Best Law Of Them All

Up to this point, we’ve been discussing reasonably unimportant concerns: conserving the environment, safeguarding kids, powerfully injecting some morals into business and abundant individuals. You understand, training wheel things. This is where we begin repairing the genuine issues. To do that, we need to take a page from the book of Lee Kuan Yew , the long time quasi-dictator of Singapore, whose benevolent/draconian (depending upon who you ask) hand assisted the ugly port country into among the most thriving economies on earth. He attained this by generally crafting a vision of clean paradise, then kneading the nation up until it suited his mold. Tidiness and basic efficiency were mandated by law, to the point where residents called Singapore a “great city” (as in, you’re going to be fined about each small thing they view you’re doing incorrect). I believe we all understand the genuine factor behind Singapore’s increase to financial success:

The restriction on chewing gum.

This person’s shoe got 10 years of tough labor.

The law itself is a proven one-way ticket to those “goofy foreign laws” posts, however it really had a point behind it. Obviously, Singapore used to be practically covered in old chewing gum, so Lee chose to clean up that shit up in a generally practical, hardline style: by making it prohibited.

Why America Needs This:

Because fuck chewing gum.

Fuck every last piece of that chewy bullshit polluting individuals’s mouths and the world’s surface areas. Fuck Wrigley’s Institute and their plainly objective research study on the ” advantages of chewing” — which I can inform you today there are none. Fuck all the world’s open maws distractedly grinding on sweet ass rubber like a cow chewing its food for the 30th time. Fuck bubble gum, which I recently discovered is obviously a different underclass of the worst confectionery of all. Fuck those assholes who demand blowing those huge bubbles like they were throwing up a 2nd, much pinker head, and fuck the police officers who undoubtedly pertain to select me up when I begin calling them two-headed witches and effort to soak them in water to see if they drift.

Go on, man, ridicule me. You’re next.

This law is the option. This law will lastly eliminate this imperfection from the face of the Earth, as well as from the face of our … faces. Sure, the Lee variation of the law requires enhancement; breaking it just brought a little fine, and obviously percentages of gum for individual usage were never ever unlawful (no word on exactly what the law stated about intent to disperse). Nowadays, I hear they even endure chewing as long as you do not litter. Hardline, my ass. We’ll clearly have to forbid the things totally, and determine an appropriately scary penalty to serve as a deterrent. I’m believing rows of big males with weapons, or possibly an arena filled with bears, or bears trained to utilize weapons. Or being required to see Boss Baby. All those work.

… But I digress. We can work out the specifics later on. All that matters today is that we can lastly make it all right and eliminate chewing gum permanently. With this law. People? G-guys?

Just me, then? God dammit.

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