Best Laptop for Back to School – 2016

Some cheaper laptop options for college and highschool students heading back to school this fall. Including both Chromebook and Windows options. Backpack …

50 thoughts on “Best Laptop for Back to School – 2016

  1. Scott Chiste

    Mine is a $150 Thinkpad T430, 8gb ram, i5 cpu, linux and windows, upgraded display, and a 320gb HDD. There's really no need to get a crap-.. I mean chrome book, they're just too limited. It's not a school laptop of you can't use school program on it like Microsoft word :/

  2. Abe

    My dad bought the E15 but it's a lower end model with a i5-7th gen but a 768p display. I love the keyboard and track pad. I was really surprised on how good it is

  3. Taurideum

    I'm deciding between the Acer Aspire E5 (with an intel I5 7200u and a 940mx) and a Lenovo Ideapad 510-ISK (also with an intel I5 7200u and a 940mx) which 1 would you recommend?

  4. Kenadi Waymire

    Chromebooks are great. I have an HP Chromebook and it runs well. I don't play many video games (I play browser games like Town of Salem and just flash games) but the ones I do run fine. The Chrome OS is incredibly quick and light. And while my laptop only has 32gb, the files take up little to no room. My Chromebook only cost me $250. They're great for school, watching videos, and browsing the internet.


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