39 thoughts on “Daily Tech News Show – Jan. 2, 2014

  1. mark smelter

    +Tom Merritt love the new show looks like i found my new tech news show hope to see a ton more shows i was so sad to see u leave TWIT u made TNT but im glad to c ur still reading the Daily Tech News keep the shows rolling out 

  2. Erik vonBartheld (eVonbart)

    Nice Job Tom, I miss seeing you on TWiT, but now I can watch both. Also glad to see awesome guests like Tim Stevens who also appear on TWiT being there for your show(s). I hope you will continue to do this show or whatever form you decide.

    Best of luck.

  3. VTV

    Always loved Tom's perspective on Tech news, I'm actually thrilled Tom is doing this he was the only one on the TWIT version I considered an actual news anchor.

  4. Marlon Hoyte

    Tears of rage are now replaced with tears of joy, Tom — Manly tears of joy. Get Molly on there! Also just guest host unemployed nerds so they can't brag about their awesome jobs with awesome benefits and vacation time and travel to work. Better wrap this up, I got work in the morning

  5. eric Henderson

    Been listening to TNT for about 2yrs now and loved all the whole dynamics of it all, Tom was a fantastic host and the other co hosts were great ,you all bounced off each other really well ,always liked the audio right at the end , I think you should get one or two more co hosts or guests on this show but I've subscribed and this will now be my tech news show as TNT has lost its sparkle , good on you Tom for going for it on your own Eric j from the UK

  6. MuddyDuck

    Tom – I am really delighted to have found your new channel, so can continue to watch you on a daily basis. Have just subscribed…
    Am so sorry for how TWiT panned out, but you are a class act and really smart guy. So I am sure that 2014 will prove to be an exciting one for you.
    Keep your chin up (as we say over here), as there are a lot of folks rooting for you !

  7. Harold Crews

    As far as the NSA surveillance and not having anything to worry about unless you're a terrorist I would not count on raising the fruit of the poisonous tree as a defense. The Patriot Act was sold as a means to catch terrorists but it has been used to prosecute far more ordinary crimes as well. So yes NSA surveillance is a threat to everyone regardless of whether you're a terrorist or not. NSA surveillance can make you a target merely because of unconventional political opinions. At that point you become the object of investigation which 'reveals' the information already known through NSA surveillance.


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