Dimple 4-Button NFC stickers are $20 and give users ultimate control over phones (Deal of the Day)

Did you know that your phone likely has a really awesome feature that’s rarely being leveraged? No, for real. We’re willing to bet that you’re using a smartphone that has NFC capability in it. What makes it so cool? For starters, it makes for simple pairing of devices like headphones or speakers. Additionally, it can be used to trigger all sorts of handy functions.


Today’s Deal of the Day revolves around the Dimple, a set of four easy to install and easy to customize buttons. What do they do? Pretty much whatever you want. How would you like a shortcut to launch a dedicated app? Maybe you want to call a specific person without digging into your phone’s settings. Dimple is the tool that delivers.

Other shortcuts you can create include:

  • Quick access to flashlight
  • Launch app drawer
  • Jump into camera
  • Change system settings
  • Also plays nice with Tasker for even more advanced fun!

Simply put the buttons wherever you want on your phone, launch its app, and you’re halfway there. The stickers work with nearly all devices and can also be placed on cases over top of phones. Moreover, they are waterproof so you can get them wet.


  • Place the Dimple anywhere, regardless of handedness
  • Launch your favorite app, switch between apps, switch on Bluetooth, or change settings w/ ease
  • Place instant calls, create an extra play button, or take photos instantly w/ a single click
  • Integrate w/ Tasker to create unique functions like smart home controls
  • Use the open plugin development SDK to create your own unique functions for your dimple buttons
  • Work seamlessly without ever having to recharge – Dimple harvest energy right from your phone
  • Choose between Black, White or Grey based on availability at time of redemption

Where to Buy


If you’re ready to add extra functionality and flexibility to your phone, you can grab a four pack of the Dimple sticker buttons from the AndroidGuys Deals Store. Right now they are are only $19.99, cheaper than going direct to the manufacturer.

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