Logitech m325 Wireless Mouse | Computer Gadgets with TechLinz

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11 thoughts on “Logitech m325 Wireless Mouse | Computer Gadgets with TechLinz

  1. NeuronsAtWork

    Great vid.

    This mouse is great. The scroll wheel has 72 ratchets which allows for smooth, precise scrolling.

    Also, as of 12/512, Best Buy has the m325 on sale for $14.99

    Best regards.

  2. 1

    @1:25 I'm going to pretend you're feeding me that USB transmitting device as a form of punishment. So sensual, babe. PS I'm James Franco in real life.

  3. Scarlet

    If you plan on buying this mouse, don't. You will thank me later.

    It's wheel has 0 resistance. One slight touch, and the screen scrolls out of control. You can't rest your hand on it, or put your fingers anywhere near it, or you will keep scrolling up/down or if you are playing a game, it will cause you too zoom in/out uncontrollably.

    Another issue is, when you try to press the mouse wheel, you sometimes hit the side scroll as well, which causes you to go to the previous page. Real annoying.

  4. WongFu4Lyfe

    Great video! I know the mouse i wnna get now! Also just to let u kno if u wnna get another one of these, they're gnna be on sale in Best Buy for $17.99 starting April 15.


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