Plini – Electric Sunrise (new song) – UK Tech Fest 2016

First time this has been played live? Or maybe Plini lied to us? Live at UK Tech Fest 2016.

22 thoughts on “Plini – Electric Sunrise (new song) – UK Tech Fest 2016

  1. Christopher Har V

    a lot of people think the hardest things for a guitarist to hit live must be the really fast and technical stuff, but in my experience it's things like @ 3:22. Props to Mr. Plini for being a pretty fuckin solid live act.
    Saw him with Intervals and AAL (So really, PLINTERVALS with AAL), and the Plini set was easily the greatest, imo.

  2. Jorge Vicente

    FUUUCK me. Its 3 AM where I live, and I have a long day of work.

    But I CAN'T control myself and Ive been on a binge watch of Plintervals live!

    They sound so fucking good live!
    Their music is what I've been looking for all these years!
    Gives off positive, sometimes nostalgic and lively vibes!

  3. Alex Mills

    I saw Plini at Animals As Leaders and honestly preferred Plini so much more, at 1:18 when the whole band comes in was my favourite part of Plini set. I felt like crying, smiling and jumping around all at once

  4. J'zargo M'zalmo

    I recently just saw Animals as Leaders, Plini, and Intervals live. Plini went first, took a break, then came and played again. Then Animals as leaders played last. Are Plini and Intervals the same people?


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