The FUTURE is HERE (CES 2016) – Tech Tuesday

CES 2016 is over so now it’s our turn to chime in on all the bullshit that they showed off over in Vegas. Links below! — FF Zero 1 …

29 thoughts on “The FUTURE is HERE (CES 2016) – Tech Tuesday

  1. Burning Experience

    that foldable TV thing does have a purpose! Lets say your TV mounted on the wall just falls down because of some shitty neighbor punching a huge hole into your wall with anger. just whip out the foldable TV slap it onto the wall and finish watching whatever I was watching.

  2. Hoenhyme

    Better take a closer look at the Rift requirements as they emphasize using a CPU with less cores. In my case when I ran their PC check to see if my machine was up to snuff, well lets just say my i7 Quad Core doesn't cut it and I should go buy an i5. Well I'm not to worried, after using the DK2 the motion sickness I get now even when I just look over at the thing is apparently going to save me a lot of money.

  3. Hoenhyme

    @1:44 "There's no torque going into it" hmm so no torque, but it is supposed to do 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds? Nice way to bullshit your way through a topic without having any clue.

    "The performance is a lot better in some cases" So you are telling me the performance is better with no torque?
    Well yeah for electric cars the better performance in most cases is due to the TORQUE electric motors generate.

    Did you only play with Barbie dolls growing up?

  4. Jsakadonvito123456

    4k definition is useless unless you're sitting far away and its a larger then a 45 inch screen otherwise you wouldn't be able to the difference. So essentially 8k would be even more useless and people who wont that have no idea what they're talking about. As of now 4k is a waste of money.

  5. Theodore Thomas

    The only non annoying use for the Swagtron, would be to play either the track from Pearl Harbour or have some dude dressed as Darth Vader roaming around, blasting the Imperial March

  6. case MasterxL

    Swagtron: the name alone resulted in you cheese-bags talking about it for 19.3 seconds; 9.7 seconds more than the other products you passed off as "jokes" during the rest of your review.

  7. Mike B

    Michael Faraday discovered how magnetic fields effect electricity and is the reason we have motors and tech like that today. I'm guessing that's who the car is named after.


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