Top 5 Coolest Computer Gadgets 2015

Top new gadgets for your Computer. After all we all love our Computer 🙂 Top 5 Coolest Computer Gadgets. Link to our other playlist- 7 Futuristic Gadgets …

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Coolest Computer Gadgets 2015

  1. GaudyMarko

    so I don't see how the recon mouse is any different than a normal wireless mouse apart from the folding which sounds stupid. I'm also pretty sure a keezel does the exact same stuff as a proxy with an added paper weight. Finally, while i think a computer stick is awesome, I was a little annoyed how they advertised it'd be great for gaming when its obvious lack of graphics card suggests it'd be terrible at it.

  2. Zizi Mugen

    The mouse product in the second one is from a company who clearly doesn't understand the different functions of a mouse. If all you do is navigate the screen, select, right-click, and scroll, yeah, it's good. But my mouse changes dpi settings for different games, triggers screen recordings, fires keyboard macros, and has three different keymaps according to exactly how I'm using it.

  3. A_lazy _napkin

    Ok computer stick lost me when they said gaming and showed Minecraft. At least for Minecraft i was like… maaayyyybeeee but i doubt it, then they show cod am i'm like aw hell no my bs meter is off the charts no way a puny flash drive can handle a game like that


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